Dialogue Facilitator Training 2018/19

In cooperation with collaboratio helvetica, 3400 Bern, I started with Sidsel Andersen in summer 2018 the next level of the Dialogue project.

Just a bit of the history…
After creating and establishing the Dialogue events for a year by Sidsel Andersen, the next needed and asked step of participants was to learn about the different Dialogue methods and tools. The Learning Days were born, where interested people could learn what is a Dialogue all about and where they could explore different tools and meet likeminded people which are interested in social change. What are the ingreadients for a Dialogue event, how to built up such an event and to learn more tools by experiencing them during this Learning Day. At this phase there were more requests from organisations and communities addressing collaboratio helvetica to hold Dialogue events with a specific topic. The resources of people, who could hold space for these events was limited and at the same time people were standing infront of the door to get trained to hold space for these events. Out of this needs and the neccessity the logical consequence was to built up a team of Dialogue facilitators.
+++ The Dialogue Facilitator Training was born +++
Sidsel Andersen and I were putting the training together.
4  modules = 7 days
Additionally to the 7 training days, there were two tasks for the participants to accomplish:
  • Organising, creating and facilitating a Dialogue Event in groups of 3-4 people (prototypefrom A to Z)

  • Creating & co-facilitating one of 4 Learning Days (safe/open/personal/participatory space) with 3-4 people

Snapshot of our curriculum of the 4 modules:

  • Eco-systems work
  • The art of questions
  • Hosting attitude and awareness of the space and setting.
  • Community building
  • Dialogue tools and settings
  • Dialogue principles and guidelines
  • Theory U in group settings
  • Concept of safe space
  • Deepening of the Dialogue flower (collaboratio helvetica Dialogue framework)
  • Learn about assumptions. How do they work? How do we identify them? Work with them? And challenge them?
  • Inner and outer Dialogue.



In October 2018 we started the training with 18 participants … after an intense journey of learning  & unlearning, sharing & listening, feedback & coaching, letting go & letting in new ways of behaviors we became a community of facilitators.

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