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Worktalk: How to consciously close a relating space?

März 27 @ 19:00 - 20:30


How we are ending intimate relating spaces in modern society is by applying old thoughtware that we as human beings are separate from each other. This assumption invites Low Drama, played out with a perpetrator (the person leaving), the victim (person who was left) and the rescuer the lawyer, family members, friends, colleagues, etc.

Based on the limiting memetic construct, that we as humans are separate from each other and the assumption that we have no choice to stay connected, the way of transitioning together into another space, into another way of relating without harming each other and yourself, becomes almost impossible.
The old thoughtware keeps you imprisoned in a Low Drama response cascade.

During the last years I was researching the fragile, precious transition phase between relating spaces on a collective and very personal level.

In modern society the main approach after splitting up with an intimate partner is to stay distant, at least for a while. I heard people say „I need a break!“, „I need distance, it would be too painful for me to stay close.“ or „I don’t want to see him/her again.“

In the last months I started to question these statements, I inspected my memetic construct what „should happen“ and from moment to moment I decided what I really wanted.
I was faced with a transition of an intimate relationship with my now ex-partner into a new way of relating.
I knew something else is possible besides separating and then keeping polite distance and to wait „until the time heal all wounds“.

In this worktalk I want to open the space for your research, how your memetic constructs about connection, relating, ending relationships, divorce and separation are limiting you from being in connection and experiencing a full-circle moment, a shift with clarity, authority, loyalty and dignity into a new space of relating.

Being able to navigate your conscious fear and anger, keeping your first position, taking back energetic strings, which you were using to stay connected based of a survival strategy, are some of the essential skills to practice.

It is never too late to consciously close a relating space. This discovery space might bring you to the next doorway, the next hint, the next possibility you can choose from to participate with life instead of cutting yourself off. Life is too precious for even wasting a drop.


Anmeldung: christine.duerschner (@) gmail.com

Investment: 15-35 EUR/USD/CHF

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März 27
19:00 - 20:30


+41 79 866 2559



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